Trying a new MINI Shop

No posts for weeks and then come three at once!

I did some research about places to get an oil change and found SD Mini which was advertising a $100 oil service including filter change, brake inspection etc. Even better was that it was only a few miles from work. They said to stop by anytime so I left work early.

When I got there I was greeted by Cooper:

I got a tour of the shop while the guy worked on the car. Naturally there were things to point out to me. I knew the brakes would be low, rear pads were almost on the metal. They also showed me a coolant leak which was obviously fresh.

I’m very close to the next Inspection so he offered me a deal on doing the Inspection right now. It wasn’t a great deal but better than nothing and it included some things that I don’t think have ever been done. Also, the service includes an alignment which I had already set up elsewhere, so that would save $80 or so. Finally it includes a full detailing inside and out so I decided to get the windshield replaced because it’s going to look like crap otherwise with big cracks in it while everything else looks factory new.

So I left the car there and they gave me a loaner MINI in the meantime. Not sure what year it is but it’s an automatic hardtop, original model. Driving it out I had a hell of a time mastering the transmission. In D there was absolutely no acceleration. I worked out how to put it in SD which seemed better but I don’t know if I was thrashing it or not, revs never went above 4k so probably not.

An expensive $100 oil change for sure but I’m hoping that a little preventative maintenance now at 116k miles will keep Carrie going for many more at minimum cost.