Fuel Consumption Update

This week Carrie reached 6172 miles and her 21st brush with the gas station, and therefore time for another fuel consumption post. Figures from the previous update are in [brackets].

  • Average Fuel Economy – 25.01 [24.6] MPG
  • Best Fuel Economy – 27.1 [27.1] MPG
  • Worst Fuel Economy – 22.88 [22.88] MPG
  • Average Gas Price – $2.91 [3.126]
  • Most Expensive Gas – $3.249 [3.249]
  • Cheapest Gas – $2.479 [2.979]

This works out to be 11c per mile.

Another Windscreen Bites The Dust

Got in the car this morning, about to start her up and I notice what looks like a crack in the window. Closer inspection reveals that, yep, I have another damn stress crack coming down from the top of the windscreen right behing the rear mirror. I didn’t know the ’05s suffered from this problem, this will be windscreen number 4 between the two MINIs. Grrrr!