Strange Spam

This is odd. I keep getting spam comments on my Nearly There post from the end of April. Nothing unusual there except that according to the WP management panel, and the database, comments for that entry are closed. I assume I must have a permissions problem in my install or something but I can’t work it out. Might just delete the entry.

3,145 miles per US gallon

Vancouver to Halifax on a single tank of gas: A team of engineering students from The University of British Columbia has built a vehicle so efficient that it could travel from Vancouver to Halifax on a gallon of gasoline. The UBC design, which required the driver to lie down while navigating it, achieved 3,145 miles per US gallon (0.074 litres/100 km) — equivalent of Vancouver to Halifax on a gallon (3.79 litres) of gas — costing less than $5 at the pump.

Carrie Turns 16

Went through the 16,000 mile mark on my way to San Diego this morning. Carrie has been trouble-free since the oil change, I have my fingers crossed that will continue until the first inspection. 16,000 miles in 10 months means I’m going to be close to 20,000 for the year – yikes, at that rate there won’t be much left of her by the time the loan ends.

I know you all read MotoringFile so I shan’t repeat the story here but I do like the new MINI credit card, it would be awesome to have a picture of Carrie on my card. But I already have a cool pilot card that gives me rebates on aviation fuel etc and thats a lot more useful to me than money off my “next” MINI. You don’t want too many cards or it hurts your credit rating so I may sadly have to pass.

New Server

Moved the family of blogs to a new webhost last week. At the same time I moved the WordPress install location which I think has probably broken everyone’s RSS bookmarks…. I’m still in the process of testing everything but if you see something wrong let me know.