Is it me or the car?

I’m in stop/go traffic, gaps between cars are nil to a few inches but no matter what the gap between me and the car in front I am always chosen as the vehicle that is going to be inconvenienced by someone just pulling over and assuming I will get out of the way.

Is it something about my style of driving? I do tend to keep a bigger gap than most which might be inviting but even when, like tonight, I’m keeping it real tight people still just pull out right in front and force me to stop for them.

Is it the car? I know they see it (well many of them anyway). Do they think I won’t possibly risk my precious baby getting scratched? Or do they perhaps think I’m driving a worthless pile of junk so they don’t care about hitting it?

Whatever it is, it’s so predictable that it isn’t funny anymore.

One thought on “Is it me or the car?”

  1. That’s me every. morning. commute. I’m motoring along, getting cut off or, my favorite, being tailgated. I need a bumper sticker: “if you get any closer, I’ll you drive”.

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