Warning Lights and Noises

A couple of months ago two warning lights came on out of the blue: the tyre pressure warning light and the dynamic steering control light. I took the car to the America’s Discount Tyre to get a pressure check and they verified there was nothing wrong with the pressure. There’s nothing in the book about what to do if both lights come on at once and I figured there was a fault in the pressure sensor that caused the computer to disable the DSC.

Then, three weeks ago I picked up one more:

I knew it had been a very long time since I replaced the brakes so this was no surprise. My regular MINI guy wants $500 for each set so I took it to my local Pep Boys who did front, back, pads and rotors for $530 out of the door with a $60 rebate coupon.

The pad warning light was still on so I did a little research online and found that once the sensor light comes on, the sensors need to be replaced, and Pep Boys did not do that. No biggie, I’ll get to it later.

A week later and now when I brake at slow speeds there is a knocking metallic noise coming from the right rear wheel. It sounds bad and it doesn’t feel that great either. So I go back to Pep Boys and ask them to take a look at their work and could I have new sensors too. They found that a bolt in the brake calipers on that wheel had broken and the noise was it rubbing; they fixed it. Glad about that, not sure if that would have been fun for it to break completely. They didn’t have the sensors so I will have to go back.

This was Saturday and I’ve been driving around with all three lights on my dash and then this afternoon at lunch I noticed that the original two didn’t come on. Then tonight on the way from work they were still off. So I really don’t know what that was about.