Fear of CHP: A Short Story

One of my pet peeves is cars refusing to go faster than any law enforcement vehicle on the freeway, even if they are going below the speed limit. So Tuesday on my way to San Diego I am about halfway and there is a longish incline to go up before a long (and fast) descent. A third of the way up the hill a black and white SUV joins the freeway and a quick check of the speedo shows under 75 so I’m not bothered.

The SUV turns out to be a Sheriff, I pass him as he accelerates and I watch in the mirror just in case for some reasons he wants to pull me over (yeah, paranoid much?). He starts to catch up but I am already watching my speed as just the other side of the crest there is a CHP about 50% of the time, and with such a nice steep downhill it is easy to get up quite some speed.

Looking in the mirror I see that everyone who was behind me is alongside or behind the Sheriff, it’s like the start of a race, everyone following the pace car. I notice the Sheriff is getting further behind, he must be slowing down, and yet still no one will go by him. I reach the top of the hill and sure enough there’s the CHP vehicle; I don’t even brake. The SUV must now be doing about 55 and still no one will pass. Ugh, it’s making me crazy.

The Sheriff pulls over to talk to the CHP and within minutes I’m being passed by vehicles doing at least 80 or 85. CA drivers, I can’t stand most of them.

Fuel Consumption Starting to Suck

Maybe it’s the “winter fuel” mix but my fuel consumption is really starting to suck. Used to be that my regular commute to and from San Diego would be a 27/28mpg ride but now I’m lucky if I get 24mpg. The car does have 120k miles on it now but when people ask me how the car does they laugh and say they thought the MINI was economical, a car that small should be getting 30. Yes, it should.

In other news our biannual trip to AMVIV is definitely not happening this year, we’ll be going to the UK a couple of weeks later (to see Robbie Williams and Take That in Dublin!) so time and money make it not doable. If the MINI is still running in 2012 (and the Earth hasn’t been destroyed) then perhaps we will see you all then.

Happy New Year to you all.