Three Quarters of a Century

Yep, last night on the way home I passed the 75k mile mark. Usually I notice when I hit the ‘000 boundaries but this time I missed it, saw 750001 instead. Carrie is still going strong though at the weekend I went to get gas and the DSC light came on and wouldn’t go off. I figured I would troubleshoot it when I got to the gas station but when I cranked her up the light was off and has stayed off ever since.

The front brakes are due to be replaced in the next 2000 miles or so. After Brian’s comment about how much I paid for the rear ones, I am not sure if I will take it back to the last garage or not. One thing I noticed though with the rears is that they replaced the rotors as well – shouldn’t I be able to get just the front pads changed??

To Coast or Not to Coast?

Ever since gas was real expensive I’ve been doing my own hypermiling variant which involves taking the car out of gear and coasting when it makes sense to do so.

At the dentist recently I was reading a car magazine that talked about ‘fuel efficiency myths’ and it said that fuel injected cars do no better coasting than they do with your foot off the pedal, so keep the car in gear in case you need some revs. There is no gas saving.

I’m no car expert but I can see the rev counter at 3k rpm compared to 0 and it seems to me that means gas is being used, although it might be small.

What do you all think?