Is there an echo in here (echo in here) ?

There’s not much to complain about in the MINI but the entertainment system deserves some mention. I’ve already ranted about being unable to play double CDs off USB thumbdrive, and I still haven’t found a work around for that. Fortunately (?) I accidentally vacuumed up the thumbdrive at a do it yourself car wash so this is no longer an issue 🙂

But another (mildly) annoying problem is with the HD radio playback. If I am listening to an FM station that is on HD I get regular echoes. I can hear the announcer say “and that was Lady Gaga” and then I will hear it again about 1.5 seconds later. This happens maybe every 4 or 5 minutes and I just get used to it. Doesn’t happen at all if I turn HD reception off or listen to a station that is only in standard FM.

Other than, the HK stereo sure does kick out the beats, one of my better decisions in the ordering process (though all credit to DB for making me do it).