40,000 Today

Two big milestones for Carrie this week:

  1. Today, she will turn over her 40,000th mile. Not bad for 22 months of ownership.
  2. Thanks to a very nice year end bonus last week I was able to pay off my loan two years early and as of yesterday she’s all mine. Fortunately I still have 10k miles before I need to get worried about things falling apart!

Brecht Appointment Over

This morning the SES light was off again so I decided I would skip the tedious drive to Brecht (or more importantly the awful drive back to the office in traffic) but about a mile from the office the light came back on so here I am waiting to hear what the deal is. Hurrah for free wi-fi.

As always when I am around other MINIs I wish I had bought different wheels.

Update 1: The problem is with the O2 sensor as always, and they are reprogramming it as I type. They also want to do a fuel injector system flush at a cost to me of $400. I may be at a BMW dealership but I don’t have BMW cash so that will have to wait.

Update 2: Back at work, the light stayed off all the way back to work so keep your fingers crossed that I don’t need to go back for a replacement O2 sensor.

SES Light Off and On Again

SES light was on all the way to work this morning but when I got in the car after work it was no longer illuminated. I was pleased for only a while because about 15 minutes later it came back on. I really am hoping it might be due to the last tank of gas so perhaps after filling up tomorrow it will be able to adjust itself. It sure would be nice not to have to go all the way back to Brecht so soon.

Brake Pads Done, Fluid Flush Later

Got to Brecht nice and early today but was already behind 3 other MINIs (all dark silver like mine). They couldn’t do the brake fluid flush until next month as it is too soon so I decided to skip all the work and just get the brake pads replaced, and wait for it to be done. Took them about 90 minutes and I was back on my way to work. I’ll go back in August with a large list to work on. Passed 39,000 miles today, need to work out what to do in the remaining 11k or warranty work.

I Should Look Under the Bonnet More Often

Yes, I’m a bad MINI care-taker, I’ve never claimed otherwise but sometimes even I feel bad about my lack of knowledge of what’s going on under the bonnet. Take this morning: the wife’s Camry has a dead batter so we’ll use the MINI to give a jump start. Pop the hood and, er, yeah where is the damn battery? I was able to find the +ve terminal but had to get the handbook out to find out where to attach the other cable. Camry started and off I went to the INS office for some fingerprint taking. En route I wondered – so where is the damn battery?

Brake Pad Warning Light On Today

I am sure there are some of you wondering what happened at the service appointment last week. Well, I didn’t go because I decided it wasn’t worth it so soon. Well, today the brake pad light was on the whole way into work although on the way back it came on briefly just a couple of times. Called Brecht and got through first time (yea) and have Carrie scheduled for Tuesday. Not sure if 38k miles is about right for brake pads or not.

And yes I know that the MINI Feeds link in the header doesn’t work right. This seems to be an issue with the WordPress widget not being able to parse GoogleReader’s atom feed. I aim to fix it some day.