Ouch, Stop Poking Me There!

I’ve had my MINI almost 7 years all without an accident but I finally got a little bump today. Waiting at the stop light, number 4 in line, the light goes green, the car in front of me pulls away, I pull away, he suddenly stops accelerating, I do the same, car behind me goes into the back of me.

It felt big, everything on my parcel shelf went flying and I really thought I’d find half of my boot missing. But when we pulled over you couldn’t see any damage at all unless you looked real close to see a crack in the paintwork on the bumper. The guy was super apologetic and nice about it. I didn’t spot that he was English but he did have a Union Jack wallet and he knew that Southampton FC had been promoted last season. He gave me his number, told me to let him know if I find something that needed fixing, or if I suddenly developed medical issues.

With the amount of driving I do, the statistics say that I’m bound to have an accident. If that is mine, can’t do better than that.