I Want the One With Bigger MPGs

When I first got this MINI I was regularly getting 28/29 mpg on the motorway and a tank of gas that would cover the roundtrip to San Diego for work and the weekly commune worked out around 226/27 mpg. A few times I came close to getting 400 miles on a tank, I think one time I would have except I knew there were no gas stations for when I ran out.

But now I’m lucky to get 23mpg and I get excited when I get 300 miles out of a tank and it’s getting me down. I do a lot of miles just for work and I want better than that, especially with gas heading up to $4 in a hurry. Starting again to think about changing vehicles though I really don’t like the idea of car payments, especially with all my money going into my plane build right now and for the forseeable. Maybe I should just get an economical POS and get used to it?

Oh, I stole the title for this from one of my favourite YouTube videos. If you haven’t seen it, beware it contains profanity. Oh, and it also makes fun of Apple fan peeps.