Carrie is 2!

In all the Alaska excitement, I totally forgot to post on the second anniversary of owning my MCSc. She turned 2 last week and is currently at the ripe old age of 43,700 miles give or take a hundred. The service indicator is suggesting an oil change at 49,300 right now so I am pretty sure I won’t get to squeeze another free oil change out of Brecht. Still need to get the brake fluid flush done, and have them look at the top for wear and tear. I’ll get on that when I get back. But for now, Carrie gets a 2-week vacation in the garage.

Off to Alaska

This blog has not exactly been jumpin’ recently, not much going on except driving to and from work, hardly the stuff of Pulitzer Prizes. And the silence is going to continue as on Monday the family is off to Alaska for two weeks. We’ll be spending a few days in Denali Park before boarding a cruise in Seward down to Vancouver.

I’m not expecting to see many MINIs but you never know. And when I come back I’ll see if I can’t find something to write about. Until then, happy motoring to you all, and keep safe.

Oh, yeah, one thing: why is the MotoringFile DNS unresolvable every morning? I can’t get an IP address until around mid-morning, seems to happen almost every day. Remind me not to use their webhosting supplier.