Only A Fool….

Whilst driving in to San Diego this morning I had about a mile of clear road ahead of me on the inside lane before the next car, the outside lane was bumper-to-bumper, brakes on every 5 seconds, and I was reminded of the old saying “Only a fool breaks the three second rule”. And then I remembered that it was later changed to “Only a fool breaks the two second rule”. Did the population get quicker reaction times in between time? And, now, is it down to one second?? Too bad Jimmy Saville isn’t around to let us know [*].

Got a parcel yesterday: european parcel shelf, aux input and glove box organiser now joining the seat covers in the office. Now if only I had the vehicle to put them in. I’m going to have to get the XM Direct real soon, too. Going to be quite the ‘install party’ first weekend I have it.

[*] Apologies to all the American readers who probably have no clue what I am on about. Speaking of England, I am flying out tonight to spend a week there so there probably won’t be any updates for a while.

Key Options And a Delay!

[Update 2:]Now the schedule page says it will arrive August 12th, maybe by the time it gets here it will be back on track. Either way, it looks like maybe an August 20th ribbon cutting ceremony at South Bay MINI.

[Update:] The schedule page for the OOCL Faith now shows her arriving in Los Angeles on Aug 15th – a full 6 days later than previously announced. Argh, the first real delay of my order process.

Today I got the form from South Bay MINI on which I can choose what programmable options are available on my key. I had been expecting more for some reason but there were just 4:

  • Day Running Lights – want the low beams on all the time when you’re driving?
  • Pathway Lighting – how long do you want the high beams to stay on after shutdown?
  • Central Locking – do you want the doors to automatically lock when you start moving?
  • Selective Unlocking – first button press unlocks driver door, second unlocks passenger door

Conspicuous by its absence its the ability to open/close the roof from the key. According to the MINI forums this is no longer a standard option as there have been ‘liability’ issues (some people need to get some self-responsibility) so you have to ask for it. And even then, some dealers are refusing to program it. I was told that if I wanted it, to write it on the form: I did.

Maybe White Stripes After All…

Ever since choosing Dark Silver I’ve just assumed that the bonnet stripes have to be black, but today I saw a picture of white stripes and dark silver and have to say it looks real good. Methinks I will have to wait until it comes and experiment with some mockups.

Dark Silver Convertible

My seat covers came at the weekend, they smell awful (gotta love new neoprene!) but look real great, I think they are gonna be gorgeous in the car.


With the ship supposed to be in Hamburg, Germany today, I’ve been thinking about accessories. On the list so far:

  • Some alarm system or other – standard alarm is $567 installed, maybe I should do Lojack or something else?
  • Aux input – $245 installed!!!! I’ll order that elsewhere and do it myself
  • Glove box organiser
  • Cubby hole organiser
  • Auto-up window circuit
  • European parcel shelf
  • Wet Okole seat covers – already ordered

Anything I’m missing??

En Route!

According to ASK-MINI, MNIAV8R is now in transit but didn’t have any shipping information to share. The only boats I know about are a K-Line ship that left last Friday and a WW one that left yesterday. There is still no information on the WW shipping line so maybe it made it on last Friday’s K-Line ship?

[Update:] Looking at the K-Line schedule page I see that last Friday’s sailing got bumped to Sunday so I am feeling hopeful that I am on the OOCL Faith. It arrives in L.A. August 9th. You can see its most recently reported-position here (but it shows the ship arriving at Southampton last week).

At the Port!!

Wow, I had read that it might take a week for my new delivery to make it to Southampton but according to ASK-MINI it is already there waiting for a ship, though no shipping information is currently available. Maybe it will make tomorrow’s sailing of the OOCL Faith after all?

Not sure if I ever said somewhere else but I am retiring UKPYLOT with this purchase. The new MINI will be ‘MNI AV8R’ and, very possibly, named Louise but that’s still under discussion….

Pick a Flag, Any Flag

I’ve seen a couple of dark silver cabrio MCS’ this week so I am going to need to make mine a little more individual from the get-go. I’ve always planned on putting a decal on the rear window but maybe I will get it now rather than wait a while. I want to put an England flag in the back but, as I said earlier, I don’t want people thinking I’m a Red Cross vehicle or an ambulance (for midgets?). The England flag regularly appears with the word “England” across it so thats what I will get. Here are some candidate designs that I’ve stolen off the web – your opionions please!

Flag 1 Flag 2
Flag 3 Flag 4

Awaiting Transport!

Yes, my new MINI was born today!!! It is now awaiting transport. As I said earlier, it appears that MINI no longer uses Wallenius Wilhelmsen for shipping to CA so I probably won’t be able to track my baby’s progress across the Atlantic. Doesn’t mean I won’t try though 🙂

Update: Given the likelihood of my MINI being on a K-Line ship, I took a look at their schedule. They have sailings to LA every Friday. I can’t see it making on the OOCL Faith which leaves this Friday, but maybe the PONL Sidney which leaves on the 22nd (arrives Aug 15) or the Cape Charles which leaves on the 29th and arrives Aug 22nd. Its going to be painful if I don’t find out which one!

Splitting Hairs

My new MINI is still in production, still due to be completed by July 12th. Now, to me,’ due by’ means before but not including so it should have been done today. Hmmpf! Now, this may be splitting hairs but we’re talking one less day’s waiting if it were true. Perhaps tomorrow.