Fresh Air Again!

Validating my guess that the stuck passenger window is due to heat, a late night drive to pick up some munchies found the passenger side window working again. I do need to get the motor replaced but I’ll do it in the spring together with a bunch of other stuff.

Been thinking about putting a satelite radio system in the MINI but some research has shown that it’s impossible in a 2002 MINI as it has no aux input. My only option is to replace it with a non MINI radio which seems like it would spoil the look. Something to look into though.

San Francisco MINIs

Just back from a few days in San Francisco where I think I walked the entire city, or at least it certainly feels like that in my legs. In the three days I was there I saw 8 MINIs and one classic Mini that had its original Brit plates on. I saw a couple of pepper white’s and I really do like that colour.
Need to drive my Sarah this weekend, get the cobwebs out of the system that have built up whilst in the garage. I might contemplate the first coat of wax too, but we’ll see about that.

Well, Not Quite CA Legal I Guess

Got pulled over by the CHP today for not having a CA legal front licence plate. There are plenty of vehicles in town that don’t have the right front plate but I guess my car is more worthy of close inspection than those boring pick up trucks. So I have 30 days to get it fixed or face a fine. Very annoying.