Two Minor Complaints

It seems to be rant week on my regular blog so I thought I’d have a mini-whine here.

  • I love the keyless top-opening feature, makes people go ooh and aah. But the range on the key is such that even if you walk real slow it would be quicker to get in the car and use the button. A few evenings this week I’ve left the office thinking I’ll open the roof as I walk up but I can barely get the sunroof portion open by the time I get to the door.
  • Every time I switch between top up and top down I have to adjust the rearview mirror just a little. In these days of memorising cars, it would be sweet if the mirror could adjust itself for me.

Like I said, minor things. I still love her, but we could all use a little constructive criticism 🙂

What Defines an Enthusiast?

My wife says I am a MINI-enthusiast because I read the blogs, the news sites, try to keep informed with all the changes etc. I say I’m not an enthusiast because I totally don’t care about things like Fireball Tim’s latest performance mods, or the latest carbon fibre rivets to give me that extra 0.1hp. So what exactly does define you as an enthusiast or not? Clearly I am more into MINIs than the average Kia driver is into their Kia, but I am a long way off of the interest of the “average” MINI enthusiast. Maybe there is a better word for “my kind”. Hmm… maybe I’ll turn the vulgarity filter on!

Under $3!

I didn’t expect it to happen but driving through El Cajon yesterday on the way home, an Arco was displaying $2.99 for premium and $2.79 for regular. Locally, it is $3.09 which is still pretty good by 2006 standards. I need to get a picture of a street corner in El Centro. Last weekend the Chevron on one corner was advertising $3.37 for regular unleaded whilst the 7/11 on the opposite side of the street was advertising $3.09. I’ll leave up to you to guess which had more customers on the forecourt.