MINI #3 is Here!

My MINI finally arrived at the CA VDC last Saturday and made it to my dealer in record time. I’m already forming some opinions but will leave a comparison of this to the last one for a bit, but they are definitely very different in feel.

Anyway, here’s my new baby parked outside the dealer waiting for me to pick it up

A few random shots….. I really like the black headlight casing and white turn lights

My MA says that very few people order the Infinite Stream wheels but I think they look good in this combination. I was disappointed with my wheels last car, hoped not to repeat the same mistake this time.

Finally, here’s a shot of the digital compass in the rear view mirror. When I saw this was now an option I had to have it, used to love being able to see what direction we were going.

I only had the phone to take pictures with and the light was no good for any interior shots, I’ll maybe get some of those at the weekend.

Where’s Waldo?

No, I’m not calling my new car Waldo but you might, like I, be wondering where it is. Well, 10 weeks to the day I ordered it, is on the Fidelio right around Acapulco (and no doubt going loco).

You might notice Hurricane Paul up there near Baja, a category 2 hurricane that is about to wind its way up the Baja coast. Wouldn’t it be ironic if my car got further delayed by a storm that shared my name!

On Its Way! (I think)

According to the WW website, my new MINI was loaded onto the good ship Fidelio around 2pm England time on Saturday with an estimated arrival date of the 20th into California. MINI still says my car is at the port but I think I trust the shipping company to know what is on their boat, and what is not. Wouldn’t be the first time that the tracking system is lagging way behind reality.