No More XM Radio For Me

Most of you know that for the last 10 years I’ve enjoyed a 2 hour commute to work on Monday and back home on Friday. The MINI makes it almost bearable but the saving grace has been my XM Radio which I’ve had much longer than that. But since the merger with Sirius the channel choice and quality has declined rapidly but at least it still had BBC Radio 1 and that’s pretty much all I listen to.

Until now. Whether the Beeb wanted too much, or Sirius just didn’t want to pay for it any more, BBC Radio 1 has been yanked from the service and some emails from their Sr Programming Director show they pretty much don’t care so I have cancelled.

The question now is what to listen to? There are parts of my journey where all I can pick up are Mexican channels so I can’t rely on over the air. Also, much of the trip I only have “1x” service on my phone so not sure I can even use a streaming app on the Droid.

Maybe I’ll listen to some CDs and finally learn Spanish???