MINI Run Rumours!!

Rumours have reached this desk that I might be planning to attend a MINI run in the near future. Well, it’s true! There is a very good chance that Teri and I will be meeting up with SCMM in Redlands on Aug 23rd to join them on their run to Big Bear. Yes, people, watch out – earthquakes can not be far behind!!!

And in other news from the future, I am sure everyone has received details of the room rate for AMVIV 6 in March ’09; I think we’ll be at that, too.

MINIs Are Too Expensive

From a twitter conversation, name redacted to protect the poor guy:

Test drove a MINI Cooper S over the weekend and it was aight. I expected more and the interior was fugly. Also saw a couple of REAL MINIs on the freeway and that was the coolest thing I’d seen all month.

@xxx don’t make me set my MINI-crazed friends on ya

@tendancer MINI-crazed enough to pay a $3K premium on top of the MSRP?

@xxx only 3K ? I remember when it was 5 or 6! I paid MSRP for mine.

@tendancer The S I test drove would have come out to $35K. That’s an R32!!

XM Radio Irritations

Regular readers will know I’ve been a big fan of XM Radio for a few years now, keeps me in music for my long weekly commute in the areas where all I can pick up is Mariachi music from Mexico. But there’s two problems right now, one I can fix, one I cannot.

  1. My antenna is wired to the CD changer in the boot and, because I didn’t know how to wire it through the panel, the wire comes through the back of the car, between the two front seats and the antenna sits on the dashboard. Nothing metallic there so for the longest time it has been sitting on a mat designed for things not to move. And it has worked great for almost three years but all of a sudden it has no grip at all. The pad moves across the dash in tight corners, which it never did, and the antenna doesn’t grip the pad like it used to. So now it’s flying off into the corner or the floor at all times.
  2. Despite there being oodles of channels, 95% of my listening is to UPop, a channel dedicated to “world pop music” but is largely UK and US pop music. I love it for the UK content. But this week I tuned in and heard 3 Coldplay tunes in a row which made me wonder what was going on. Next I heard a jingle that said it was “30 days of Coldplay” – 30 days of Coldplay?? Even Chris Martin himself once said he was boring to listen after too long, who on earth wants 30 days of it? And the few times I’ve tuned in, I think I’ve only heard about 6 different songs, though of course with Coldplay who can tell the difference between them anyway? So now I need a new channel for a month. So far I have switched to Fred which is a “history of alternative music”. They have good spells – of new wave/80s pop – and bad spells – punk and obscure US bands from the 80s I’ve never heard of. I just hope UPop comes back after this, as I miss my UK pop fix.

Top Gear and the Clubman

I’m behind the times, only watching Top Gear on the tele, so just recently got around to watching the final episode of last season. In the show they had a mini-awards segment where they announced “worst design of the year” to which Clarkson quickly said that the Clubman was so ugly there weren’t any competitors; the other two agreed. Next up was “worst car of the year” to which Clarkson again quickly said it must be the Clubman, but they eventually came up with something else.

So then I was reading that Top Gear gave it some kind of best car award so what happened? Did they subsequently have a big change of mind ? Or What?

More I see them, the more I like them.