Time for another warranty repair

Last week, putting the key in the dashboard illuminated the air bag/seatbelt torsion warning light and it hasn’t gone off since. So it is back to MINI of San Diego on Friday for another warranty repair. Two in 12.5k miles is mildly annoying but it is what it is.

What is really annoying about it is that the warning light does not go away while driving so I can’t see the clock and, worse still, I can’t see the cruise control settings as the big air bag icon is in the way. The cruise control is a little flakey at the best of times so when I see my speed is 77, say, I’m not sure if I set it to that or I set it to 75 and we’re doing 77 anyway??

Hopefully Friday I’ll get a diagnosis and then I expect I will have to return to get the work done. Maybe I’ll end up Mayor on 4sq.

One thought on “Time for another warranty repair”

  1. I think it’s more important to be alerted to a potential “die in crash” issue, than what speed the cruise is set to 😉
    It might be nice, agreed, to have an “ok, I read that” button … but I’d bet that things like airbag warnings are government mandated.

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