I Don’t Get This MINI Billboard

So, finally, there is going to be a MINI dealer in San Diego proper, rather than having to make the crappy trek up to Escondido. I pass the construction site (or rather the conversion site as it looks like they are transforming an existing dealership) every day on the way to work and I am always confused by the billboard that goes with it.

Don’t tell anybody? Why the heck not? I know many people who refuse to buy a MINI because they won’t go to Escondido but I’m not supposed to tell them to wait because there’s a dealer coming soon? Yeah, go buy that Fiesta, no dealers coming, no siree.

Maybe it’s just me, but I totally don’t get it..

Building My Own Plane (no MINI content)

Thought I’d share my latest, um, pastime – I’m going to try building my own plane, and so I’ve created a website for it:

Not sure if I have the skill, time or money to get it done but we’ll find out, click on the image to go to the site.

No MTTS For Us

I had originally been thinking we’d try and do the first leg of MTTS and when I heard Ian would be in CA I was definitely going to try and work it out. But since then I’ve been sent (or rather I am sending myself) to our London office at the end of July and will then spend some time at home. All this means I won’t be back in CA until after everyone has set off from LA.

Hope you all have a good and safe drive.