Some Quick Opinions on the New MINI

So much for my plans of a “full review”, have not put finger to keyboard once to write about my new baby. The short review is easy: she’s an awesome ride and a great car. A few random observations though…..

  • It seems that having the speed in big numbers right in front of me all the time has made me drive more slowly when cruising on the freeways. I set the cruise control to 74 yet in the past I’d be right foot down doing 76/77 most of the way. Although cruise control isn’t motoring, it sure is nice on my 2hr freeway commute.
  • I originally thought the accent lighting was a gimmick, waste of time and money giving me a button with which to toggle through the colours. But now that I’m doing a lot of driving at night I find myself changing the colour often. Guess those MINI guys know more than me about what I like
  • The car is very fast to respond when asked, I don’t notice any difference from my old super-charged variety. If anything it is snappier, though I am still aware that I didn’t hear the whine. Miss that noise.
  • The colour is fantastic, looks great everywhere in every lighting situation. I get compliments on it all the time. I am so glad I didn’t go with the ice blue.
  • How can there be no gauges on the dashboard to give me any hints as to how things are going ?
  • The HK sound is totally kicking and I am very thankful to DB for making sure I ponied up the extra money to buy it. It would have been a big mistake not to have done so.
  • There seems to be even less access to the door storage than before, no way to get a hand in there

But I do have one complaint. I thought I would get over it but a few weeks and 2500 miles later I am still not happy…. I do not like that the doors no longer unlock when the engine stops. So I have to remember to unlock the doors with the toggle switch or do the awkward double door handle thing.

And the double door thing is ok except a typical scenario (just this morning), I get out the car walk round the passenger side to get my stuff of the seat and the door is locked. So I have to get the key and double unlock the locks with it to get at my things. This is really annoying, and I’m sad that MINI chose to take away the option that made so much sense on my old cabrio.

Anyway, one complaint isn’t bad, don’t you think? And I do love love love the car.