Random Roundup

Been a while so thought I’d post something, even if random.

MINI will reach 129k miles this week, still a little while until 6 years are up. Generally running ok but there is an awful sounding noise, like a fluid struggling to circulate, when the a/c is on. Well, I think that’s the only time. Did I say think? I meant hope! Of course it will soon be in the 110+ temps so I need the a/c even if it never has worked worth a damn in this car.

My step daughter had a scary run in with some girls in an open top MINI a few weeks ago! They thought she had cut them up and were waving the usual abuse that one does. Then later traffic was stopped and one of the girls got out and wanted to fight. Fortunately my step-d is pretty streetwise and made it clear she should get back in the car.

Recently I’ve had more waves than usual, maybe 5 or 6% of MINI drivers returning my wave.

Well that’s it for now, am off to the uk next week for a fortnight including a long weekend in Dublin to see Robbie Williams (and those has beens Take That). Later all.