MINI #3 is Here!

My MINI finally arrived at the CA VDC last Saturday and made it to my dealer in record time. I’m already forming some opinions but will leave a comparison of this to the last one for a bit, but they are definitely very different in feel.

Anyway, here’s my new baby parked outside the dealer waiting for me to pick it up

A few random shots….. I really like the black headlight casing and white turn lights

My MA says that very few people order the Infinite Stream wheels but I think they look good in this combination. I was disappointed with my wheels last car, hoped not to repeat the same mistake this time.

Finally, here’s a shot of the digital compass in the rear view mirror. When I saw this was now an option I had to have it, used to love being able to see what direction we were going.

I only had the phone to take pictures with and the light was no good for any interior shots, I’ll maybe get some of those at the weekend.

5 thoughts on “MINI #3 is Here!”

  1. That’s a really nice color combo, though I can’t identify the main color. Maybe spice orange, looks closest at MINIUSA?

  2. That’s my third favorite colour right now! Great looking MINI Paul. Congrats!

    (but you already knew this, too ;))

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