Great to be part of a community (not!)

Was driving my new MINI away from work this week and was aware of the driver of a green (earlier year) MINI checking me out in another lane. Eventually he pulls over to the lane next to me and at a traffic light we are side by side and he puts his window down.

Him: Hey, what model year is that ?
Me: It’s brand new, 2013! (smiling)
Him: Aw man, too bad, my mechanic tells me the engines in those are rubbish

Light changes, he floors it, conversation over.

I remember when MINI owners loved to see other MINIs and admire them, guess we don’t do that any more.

2 thoughts on “Great to be part of a community (not!)”

  1. Lame.

    For what it’s worth, the engine in your MINI is better than the engine in his if he was driving an R56. But you already knew that.

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