On Its Way! (I think)

According to the WW website, my new MINI was loaded onto the good ship Fidelio around 2pm England time on Saturday with an estimated arrival date of the 20th into California. MINI still says my car is at the port but I think I trust the shipping company to know what is on their boat, and what is not. Wouldn’t be the first time that the tracking system is lagging way behind reality.

4 thoughts on “On Its Way! (I think)”

  1. I know that the owners lounge is usually quite a bit behind actual and has been since ’02. Really suprised that the system hasn’t been sorted yet.

    Are you going to watch it go through the locks at the Panama Canal? Or are you not tracking the boat that seriously?

  2. RB: Yeah, I am trying to weigh up the rental car option. We do own a pick up truck that could probably take up the strain for a couple of weeks, though it wouldn’t be a great commute.

    DB: Me too, the NA Motoring forums is nothing but people complaining about all the “mis” information from the MAs and the website. My MA hasn’t been foolish enough to contradict me about the boat 🙂

    The ship gets into port at the Canal on the 11th, I expect I’ll have the web cam page open just in case. Though right now it says lightning damage took out half the cams so not all of them are working.

  3. Odd thing happened to the ABARTH after I had the air pressure sensors installed into the red rims and reinstalled back on the car after 2 weeks of the stock rims and tires, the dash readout read that I was only getting 21 MPG? Now back to 27-28 mpg, still not great but I think it has a lot to do with my right foot and the SPORT button…;-)

    Also, an odd paper burning smell inside the cab???

    Hope ypur new ride comes soon and it’s as good as you hoped for.

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