Shouldn’t This Thing Have Oil In It?

Recently I’ve noticed the oil warning light coming on when I go fast around tight corners. More recently I’ve noticed the light coming on when I go at medium speeds round average corners. So tonight I took a look under the bonnet, dip stick didn’t seem to reveal any oil patches on it, but the engine was cold. So I opened the reservoir and it was bone dry in there.

Pretty sure there should be oil in there somewhere! So a dash to the local AutoZone and a quart of oil later the warning light seems permanently extinguished. I’m pretty sure it needs more than a quart to meet the minimum so will check it again tomorrow. In the meantime I’m getting the next oil change scheduled.

4 thoughts on “Shouldn’t This Thing Have Oil In It?”

  1. You should be checking you oil at every other fill up, minimum. Do you need a link to the video again? 😉

  2. Yes, now my car is in her old age I really should, just not something I’ve ever been in the habit of. Well, not since my very first car which would go through a quart or more of oil every month.

  3. Ha, my 1st car a 1956 Ford Country Squire wagon drank 4 quarts in just 50 miles! But I used Lubaloy reclaimed oil and even back in 1964 it was cheap. I was finally pulled over by a CHP and told to get the ca fixed or junk it, I junked it.

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