Service Update

Picked up my car last evening:

  • Leak confirmed as coming from the thermostat housing, it was replaced and the system refilled
  • Brake fluid flush was done
  • Rattle was observed and traced to the muffler which was replaced. I swear I heard the clanking noise on the way home last night but didn’t hear it this morning
  • Rubber seal on passenger door was replaced, except that I have no idea what that actually did as the rubber that needed replacing is still there.
  • Inspection of the top found “no abnormal wear”. Yeah, not abnormal for a MINI but certainly abnormal for any other car. Grrr.

Don’t know what to do about the top. A year ago the service advisor was willing to do it but said I should wait and have it done only once. I’m not a pushy person so will probably just leave it.

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