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I’m currently the slightly embarrassed driver of a silver Chevy Cobalt while Carrie gets taken care of. Since I knew I was going to have to rent a car I loaded them up with things to look at:

  • the fluid leak – almost certainly the coolant system as the reservoir tank was near empty this morning after topping it up yesterday afternoon
  • brake fluid flush – now a freebie item under the warranty
  • replace rubber seal on passenger side door next to window – it’s slowly wearing away, can see metal through it already
  • advise on new top replacement – the ‘standard’ MINI convertible wear is clearly showing so I want them to see whether I get a new one or not
  • metal on metal clanking noise in rear – been very noticeable ever since Vegas, maybe before. It sounds like there are two pieces of metal hanging from the roof that sway with the motion of the car and clank against each other. I’ve looked and looked and can’t find anything broken.

I am sure the first two will be taken care of, not sure the description of items 3 and 5 will be sufficient for them to find or fix the issue. Given what I read on the boards I think I should get a new top but we’ll see.