Taking a Little Leak

[Update] Looked in the coolant tank at lunchtime and there is hardly any coolant left. Car is going to Brecht first thing in the morning but in the meantime I will top it up with something. Grrrrrr.

Drove the car out of the garage on Sunday to give it a bath (the rain on Friday had made the car filthy) and noticed some fluid on the ground where it had been standing. Scooped it up with a paper towel and it appears to be blue, possibly green, and feels oily rather than like water. This morning when I left for work there was a tiny spot so my hope that it wasn’t coming from Carrie appears in vain. A little web research suggests the fluid is either windscreen washer fluid or coolant but I suppose I’ll take her to Brecht as soon as they can see her.

Only 5.5k miles left on the warranty, soon be time to get all the little annoying things take care of while I can.

2 thoughts on “Taking a Little Leak”

  1. I’m gonna go with power steering fluid. If its oily it could be the fluid uses for the electro-hydraulic ps pump. I’d check two spots:
    – from beneath your car, look at the ps unit for oil accumulation/dirt
    – look at the two hoses attached to the bottom of the ps resivoir for dirt oit accumulation

    I had this on my car. I thought it was the pump/rack unit at first. Upon further investigation, I discovered that the oil/dirt build up on the pump had originated from where the hoses connect to the bottom of the ps resivoir. The factory hose clamps weren’t providing enough clamping force. I replaced them with generic hose clamps. Not a drop since.

  2. As far as the warranty ending, I went with AutoLand on my extended. I had them [AutoLand] cover my 4Runner and when the engine blew they replaced it, no hassle.

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