Can the DMV Pat It’s Head and Rub It’s Tummy At the Same Time? (HINT: No)

Back in July I received the pink slip from my bank enabling me to transfer my MINI’s title to my name. Around the same time I got notice that my registration was due by Aug 22. I sent the transfer form, pink slip and cheque for the transfer fee to the CA DMV in late July and early August I went online to pay my registration: no luck, the online registration was no longer accessible to me because of the pending title change.

So I waited a bit, and just before the trip to Alaska I got a letter from the DMV returning the pink slip saying I needed to pay another $226 before they could complete the transaction. Well, this was the registration amount so it looked like they couldn’t do one without the other. I sent them the cheque return mail.

When we got back from the cruise there was another letter from the DMV. This one had a receipt for my cheque but a demand for me to send back the pink slip. I suppose it was foolish of me not to send the pink slip back the first time but I figured that if they had needed it they would have kept it? Plus, the letter said quite clearly “send the following items: check for $226”, no mention of the slip. So now it’s way past Aug 22 and I have no title or tags, and I’m just waiting for the CHP to stop me and for me to try explaining my situation.

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