My First 400 Mile Tank

Don’t know whether it’s the gas mix, the cooler temps, the leaking coolant system or what but I am on the cusp of my first ever 400 mile tank in the ’05. Currently I am on 375 miles, with 44 remaining according to the OBC, an indicated MPG of 29.7. I’ve had the OBC read as low as 15 before so I’m pretty sure that I’ll get to 400 on this tank. Good times.

[Update] Had to go to the DMV about my missing tags, stopped for gas on the way…. put in 13.8 gallons of juice to give me a calculated MPG of 28.9!! If only I could get that all the time.

4 thoughts on “My First 400 Mile Tank”

  1. On our trip to MITM we started off around 28 mpg but by the time we got home 34.1! My wife drove 95% of the time so no Jack-Rabbit starts or heavy acceleration runs. And there you have it, I should drive differently, Ha! In 3 weeks back I’m down to 31 mpg. I am trying to be better but when you drive a rocket…

  2. Wow, very nice RB. I could regularly get 30-31mpg from my ’02 MCS on trips to Vegas or Phoenix but no such joy from the ’05 MCSc. I sure would like 31.

  3. It’s definitely about driving style and maximum highway speed … but it’s also about giving up some mpg for some extra fun 🙂

  4. The amazing thing about the 34.1 was the elevation changes, hard uphill drives and low oxygen at 9500+ feet. Even Santa Fe is around 6500. We saw one elevation sign going south from Cooper Mountain, Leadville that I think said 12,000. She never missed a beat, well a little rough idle now and then. The people I was amazed at were the folks with the tear drop campers hitched behind their MINIs.

    I’m still at 30mpg.

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