MCS Convertible vs Chevy Cavalier

I can’t get my car until Friday, thanks to the fact that they didn’t put the new windscreen in today and I have to wait 24 hrs after that, so I will enjoy my rental car for a couple of days: a Chevy Cavalier (ack, wrote Vauxhall the first time!). Whilst the two cars surely can’t compare, the Cavalier does alas beat my beloved Carrie in the following:

  • air conditioning – it really works in the Cavalier, is quite tame in the MINI
  • radio quality – the FM radio in the Cavalier is crisp and deep, not at all in the MINI
  • rampant good looks – ah, no not really, just kidding here.

It was great to be at the service centre today, more MINIs than you could shake a stick at, all varieties and colours. The new service bays at Brecht are open and the experience was way better than before, much more space and more efficient for processing. Too bad they couldn’t get the windscreen in though, means I have an extra day’s car rental to pay for. But, whilst it sucks to have to pay $150 for the car, its still less than the $2500+ markup I would have paid had I bought there.