Service Scheduled

Finally got through, took maybe 6 calls in the end. As always, once you are through to someone they are a delight to work with but you get the feeling they will only answer the phone when they feel like it. Anyway, Carrie will get her first check-up on Wednesday at which she will:

  • get the 12,000 mile oil change service
  • have the windshield replaced
  • have the clock fixed (replace the speedo unit)
  • have the SRS warning light fixed (probably wiring harness issue)
  • have the tailgate open warning light fixed (see above?)
  • key programming:
  • put the top down with the key
  • daytime running lights on
  • low fuel warning sound on
  • auto unlock doors on key removal

Should keep them busy for a day or two. Probably will have to get a rental car as its rare they give me a loaner (the downside of buying elsewhere) but perhaps with so much to do I will get lucky.

The tailgate warning light is a new one. Started last week in the rain, didn’t see it again until this evening. Only thing in common I can think of is rain. Every time I accelerate between 2000 and 3000 rpm the light comes on, goes off when I ease off, comes back on again when I go back up.