Service Update

Had a call from Brecht this morning to say that the car had gone to the body shop on time and it would be ready to collect tomorrow lunch time. However, on the way over the SRS light had come back on so they had to take it back to have it looked at: they have diagnosed a faulty sensor in the seat but the replacement part will not be here until Tuesday so it looks like I have to go through this again sometime soon.

Had an email from Brecht this morning telling me I had missed my appointment and if I wanted to set another one up, to let them know. When I checked in yesterday, the advisor couldn’t find my appointment and had to enter everything in again. I guess I was in there somewhere.

One thought on “Service Update”

  1. I am constantly amazed by my dealer’s Ford-ish atmosphere and attitude. Hell sometimes I feel like I still have the crappy Aerostar. Isn’t this supposed to a higher class situation?

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