Five Year Refresh

This August will be the fifth anniversary of owning my MCS cabrio, will probably be at the 109k mile mark by then, give or take. In the last few weeks three new MINIs have started parking in our lot at work making it five in total (out of maybe 60 cars) which is pretty good, I think. But these shiny new models are making my MINI look a bit tatty.

It doesn’t help that my seat covers have faded badly from the abuse of the desert sun, not to mention my stripes that appear oxidised (the only way I can think to describe them) and generally crappy. So I’m thinking a makeover is in order – new seat covers and new stripes, and a good luxurious detail.

For seat covers I will most likely return to Wet Okole, but I’m not sure which of the following colours to choose. Any suggestions? Remember, my MINI is light silver (click on the image for the Wet Okole colour page).

Car Seat Covers Colors - Wet Okole Hawaii
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

For stripes I’m toying with the idea of getting some aviation themed stripes custom-made, maybe a plane towing a banner that says “MINI Cooper S” ? Cheesy? Stick with the black stripes? Something else?

Any thoughts appreciated, I want to make Carrie look like a new car again!

2 thoughts on “Five Year Refresh”

  1. Hum… not sure what to say about some of those colours…:-/ And what are those things at the bottom? My daughter has red and back cloth seats in her MC, very nice. I guess the stripes with the plane theme would be on the side near the lower body lines?

  2. I think the wine is the most likely colour, purple would be good but that one is too bright. As for the stripes I was actually thinking on the bonnet, little airplane going down the front but I do wonder if it is too cheesy. Would be nice to do something other than just a black stripe like I have now.

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