A Car For Three Seasons

This weekend, Teri and I went to the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival where I had purchased a balloon ride for us to celebrate our 8th anniversary; awesome ride, taking off with about 40 other balloons at the same time (some pictures on my flickr).

We took the Mini because it’s way more fun to dash around the high desert back roads than in the Camry, and also because the Camry cooling system failed last week and was in the shop for repairs. But the problem with my Mini is that the a/c sucks, or rather it blows, and not in a good way. It’s been like this since day one and I’ve never been sure if this is a problem with the cabrio or just my example of it. So for much of the trip we might have been better off with the top down and the 95F wind in our faces than the sad effort from the a/c.

It works well below temps of, say, 90F but above that it’s not great unless you are 3″ from the vents, and that’s with the blower on level 3. Doing our weekend shopping around town in 105F yesterday it felt like it was blowing warm air rather than cold, and since we’re pretty much stuck at these temps until October, the Mini will be used as sparingly as possible. Which is a bummer.

3 thoughts on “A Car For Three Seasons”

  1. Holy Cwap… things have changed here, I like!

    I do find the AC lacking sometimes even here in Pasadena area. Had side windows tinted and have been thinking about having sunroofs also.

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