New Spark Plugs

Inspired by the automechanical prowess over at dbmini I finally got around to changing my spark plugs at the weekend. I’d purchased them over a month ago but had never gotten round to buying the wrench and appropriate socket attachments. I’m a software guy, not many tools in my house.

The task was no less easy then db said it would be though I had changed spark plugs before, back in my old Mini Metro in the 80’s. Only one of the plugs gave some resistance, and I worried about trying too hard to get it loose and breaking it in the socket. Don’t know how I would get it out if I did that!

Can’t have taken more than 10 minutes for the whole thing, though I did scuff up some fingers: there was blood. Whole thing cost me $40 for the plugs and $35 for the toolkit plus tax and all. The garage that does my oil changes quoted me $260 so I saved me a chunk of change. So much so, that I bought some new leads to pretty it up under the bonnet.

Not sure there is any more DIY in my future. I wouldn’t mind having a go at the brake pads since everyone tells me that’s so easy but, again, no tools or anything so might as well just take it to someone who does.

3 thoughts on “New Spark Plugs”

  1. Brakes are super simple. The only tool you need if your lug wrench and a screwdriver unless you are going to replace your rotors. Then you need a huge Torx (not sure the size). That is for the fronts. The rears require a special tool.

    both fronts take about 20-30 minutes. I’ve done them in 15, but I’ve done them before.

  2. Sure seems like they are real easy once you can get to them. But I don’t have a way to get the car off it’s feet, or a way to get the wheels off, so a lot of investment.

  3. If you have a flat surface, the jack your MINI came with should work. Oh, wait, yours didn’t come with one, did it? Dang. A cheap bottle jack would work too. But if you have to buy that and a lug wrench, then yea, starts getting spendy. Might be worth to price it out or see if you have a buddy that could loan you his/hers for the afternoon.

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