Another Oil Change Service And Looking Ahead

A little later than the service indicator would have liked, I had my MINI in for the “95k” ? oil change service this morning. Everything went smoothly except for one identified problem: the low pressure power steering hose is leaking and will need to be replaced after Christmas. I hear the MINI is a tank without power steering.

Looking ahead to 100,000 miles they are recommending:

  • replace spark plugs (something I should be able to do myself, right? I used to do it on my Mini Metro years ago)
  • replace oxygen sensors
  • top up the super charger oil reservoir (they are looking up a price for that and will let me know)

I’ll get the power steering taken care of in January, then start saving up for all these new goodies.

4 thoughts on “Another Oil Change Service And Looking Ahead”

  1. Spark plugs you can do yourself. You can get the plugs from either the dealer or Moss or Outmotoring or Detroit Tuned or or or. Just a regular spark plug socket does the trick, should take about 15 minutes. Some might say you have to torque them down too, especially since you have an MCS. Search NAM for those specs.

    Are they getting you a price on a replacement supercharger? I was under the impression that topping off the oil wasn’t an option. Supercharger replace is going to be spendy, so be prepared for that (I would guess in the $900 – $1200 range).

    Make sure to get that Power Steering pump taken care of. That’s another spendy part to replace. Cost me $800.

    Oh yea, replace the plug wires at the same time as the plugs. Go after-market for better quality and to spruce up under the bonnet a bit.

  2. Ah vehicle ownership, my 1997 4Runner was the least costly and most reliable vehicle I’ve ever owned, period!

    I’m coming to the end of my extended warranty and I’d like to extend it but cringe at what it must cost at 85,000 miles. So far though my extended has been great worth the $1800 it cost.

    6 more payments and the MINI is mine… 🙂

    Paul, I might have an interesting new shirt that I might be showing at AMVIV… If I go that is.

  3. I didn’t put costs in the post but they are quoting me:

    $160 for the spark plug work (doubt it includes wires)
    $600 for the oxygen sensors
    $450 for the power steering work

    db: here’s a link to replacing the supercharger oil

    rb: looking forward to it, though I doubt I’ll be at AMVIV next year


    “The cost of this service will be approximately $800.00 – 900.00 parts and labor. Plan on leaving the car for 1-2 days, as the labor is 7.0 hours ! ”

    Considering what it costs to just replace the supercharger with a rebuilt unit…and when you go to refill it the dammage might have already been done….you might wan to wait. Been thinking the same thing.
    I don’t think out local MINI guys has had very many takers.

    Also “The life expectancy of a SC according to BMW is 100k.”…so if you do the refil/oil change….you boost will still be dropping as the supercharger wears…..
    GM dealers in the US sells the right oil…..MINI/BMW does not stock it….they consider it to be “permanently lubed”.
    Good Luck!

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