MINI in the Dunes

I’ve had my cousin visiting from Exeter, England, for the last two weeks and she’s seen a whole lot more of SoCal than I expected she might. One of those things was a spur of the moment outing yesterday in the MINI – to the sand dunes of Glamis. The wind was blowing pretty good, I think we both ate our fair share of sand but I did snap this picture of my MINI against the dunes as backdrop.

One thought on “MINI in the Dunes”

  1. I went there twice with my racing buds. 1st time the scene was kinda crazy but not bad… the second and final time it was madhouse of drunks and idiots. People actually riding through our campfire a 2 am. People having sex on top of their motorhomes so all the world could hear. We found all the trails open to ride because most just wanted to drive up a dune and then back down and drink beer.

    Looks rather peaceful in your pic. Used to be one side was for open riding and the north side you were designated to a trail to ride to help the environment rebuild.

    Dumont Dunes is also a beautiful place.

    It’s an amazing place for sure, I love the desert.

    I separated my shoulder at Glamis the last time we visited there in a Hare & Hound type race on my Suzuki Quad Racer. I forget the name of the saloon there?

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