Car Warranty Spam Calls

I’m getting a lot of cold calls on my cell phone to do with expired car warranties right now. This is annoying because, well, at 80k miles I doubt I could afford a warranty even if someone wanted to sell me one and also because my cell phone number is only known by a handful of people, so who is selling my cell number (yes I am looking at you scumbag credit card companies).

Most recent call was interesting – apparently, my car had expired! Well, I can’t see me wanting a warranty in that case.

6 thoughts on “Car Warranty Spam Calls”

  1. Ha, me to.. for 5 months now!!!!! F’rs! No way to call them back to tell them to go to hell, even. The number changes and even though I have put their numbers on the Gov’s “Do Not Call” list they continue.

    Some of the numbers are from Canada, NY are and Porto Rico??? I am now getting the same thing for credit card rate reduction… can’t call them back either?

    What’s the point? Anyway, I already have an extended 100,000 through my credit union.

  2. I think they called me literally as you posted this!

    That’s the 3rd time in the past week.

    The calls started not long after my warranty expired, so I suspect MINI of providing my number to them.

    But I’ve seen them mentioned on other sites, and apparently no one can get them to stop.

  3. You must have…they called again last night!!
    Saw they have commercials on TV now, I was sure to yell at.

    This time I was sure to hit option 2 to “remove from list”
    I doubt it will be effective, but we’ll see.

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