Bits and Bobs

Been a while….

  • MINI recently passed 85,000 miles, looks like I will make it to my first ever 100k automobile
  • Stripes are starting to look really tatty, faded, rusty even. Tempted to take them off and see how it looks with the two tone paintwork or maybe even buying some new ones
  • Talking of stripes, I finally came up with a side stripe theme I like but don’t know who I could get to make them or, more importantly, if I want to spend the money
  • Got a voicemail today from the shop that did my last Inspection in December, asked me to please call them. I presume this is a business-generation call but I’m still smarting form the $500 rear brakes replacement so probably will not call them back.
  • Hmmm… I’ve surely jinxed the car with the first bullet point
  • Doing my part to save California – my car tax is up to $289 in August!