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All three of the vehicles I have owned since living in the US (my first vehicle was leased) have/had vanity plates. One of the reasons for this is that such things aren’t readily available back in the UK. Yes, you can buy them but you can’t usually choose them and then you’ll end up paying $1000 for PAUL4999, hardly a bargain.

This week’s San DIego Reader has a long article about vanity plates, mostly about ones they have seen on the road and talking to the people who chose them. The article opens with some statistics such as CA is the 22nd ‘most vain’ state with 3.49 percent of vehicles having a vanity plate: VA has the most at 16.2 percent. It then makes the following statement:

San Diego Reader | How much can you say in 7 letters?

I wonder what the percentage is just for MINIs in the country? I think it must be quite high, but I don’t agree with the statement in the article. I think it is much more to do with the culture of the MINI community that we take pride in our vehicles – don’t see many vanity plates on the Prius.

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  1. Vanity plate percentage is certainly highest among minis, probably over 80% of enthusiasts at mini meets.

    Sadly I’ve never had one…I am especially bad at coming up with names for things, and that includes pets and vanity plates. That’s why my MINI has no name, and no vanity plate. I instead got a US flag plate so it is more interesting than the boring MA plate.

  2. Like you, Paul, we loved the idea of customizing the license plate … but MA’s six letter limit is painful. Plus they charge four times the amount of a non-vanity plate!

    I wonder if many Audi owners get vanity plates …

  3. “MY OWDE” is my wife’s plate on her A4. I have “TWSTYBTZ” on my MCS as of now it’s only $90 per year and a bizz write off.

    I do think MINIs have more plates than any other car.

  4. I can highly recommend the book “America’s Funniest License Plates” by Ted Ford. It is filled with funny and thoughtful plates.

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