New Front Brakes

I finally got my front brakes done this weekend. I had tried last weekend to take my own pads to the local ‘one stop’ auto place for them to be replaced but they found that the rotors were out of spec and I needed to come back. So, a week later and another parcel from Moss Mini (awesome delivery service in Southern CA, arrived next day at ground shipping rate) I went back to the auto shop and came out with a new set of front brakes. I can feel quite a difference in the braking action.

Total labour cost was $100 so I did a lot better than the place I went to before Christmas that wanted my arm and leg for the rear brakes but, yes, still not as cheap as doing it myself. But a $100 seems ok for something I didn’t want to do myself.

I was looking through the service manual and noticed that I have been remiss in getting a few flushes done, looks like I should have done transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid by now. I will have to put them on the list over the next few months.