Driving Peeves of the Day

Been thinking of cataloguing my pet driving peeves for a while but never got around to it. Until today. Here are some of my current peeves, all of which happened at least once on my way home tonight.

  • Moving left just before turning right – indicator is on to turn right, then just before the turn is made the driver moves into the middle of the lane to make the turn. In theory nothing wrong except that in heavy traffic those of us behind will try to squeeze by and run into trouble.
  • Left turn traffic cutting corners – I’m at the red light waiting to turn left. The traffic on my right is turning left and decides to cut the turn and try to take out my left front bumper. Some scary moments, especially when they’re on the cell phone paying no attention whatsoever.
  • Only one car going through the green light on metered freeway ramps – sign says 2 cars per green, so just because the front car was slow off the mark doesn’t mean you have to wait because the light went to yellow. It’s 2 cars per green, not 2 cars while it’s green.

Add the usual cell phone inattention, crazy attempts to make sure I can’t change lanes etc and it’s just another evening on the CA freeways.

One thought on “Driving Peeves of the Day”

  1. My pet peeve… people who are turning left at a signaled light and sit back behind the cross walk and then sprint forward to make the turn as the light changes to red! #1. no one else can turn left and #2. there is no “2” they’re just idiots.

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