Motoring Embarrassment #5

Shortly after getting the ’05 cabrio, Teri and I were driving top down on a perfect autumn day on the outskirts of Palm Springs. We exit the freeway and see a brand new convertible PT Cruiser, top down, at the light. Simultaneously we remark to each other what a hideous vehicle it is; I am stunned that the soft top made it look even worse. We pull alongside at the red light. The drivers are a friendly old couple, they wave and shout “great looking car you have there” and smile. Clearly they are waiting to get their compliment back. I look at the stop light, still red. Dammit, I turn and say “yeah, you too”. The light changes, and off we go.

6 thoughts on “Motoring Embarrassment #5”

  1. Well that was nice of you to be so polite.

    A few years back one of my daughters lived in Germany. While there I noticed a lot of PT Losers.. I mean Cruisers. I asked a German Fellow who worked where my son in law worked why so may PT’s and he said this.. “My parents, probably in their late 40’s, love them and so do their friends!” I personally never got them but to each his own. I always felt they were an embarrassment to me as a Yank but most of the USA cars are.


  2. I have to fess up to this. Back in 1999-2000 when I was considering what my next car should be, the PT was at the top of my list. I wanted a car that looked different and that would be fun to drive. I wasn’t ready to buy yet so I had time to look around. Then in 2001 I saw that BMW was going to start selling the MINI’s in the US by 2002, and after seeing some prototypes and then the Euro version, the PT was forgotten. And just for the record, I’m 55.

  3. I remember before they came out and the car looked awesome in the car magazines but when I saw one in person I was “wtf!”, it was hideous. I can understand wanting something different (hey, my first US car was a Toyota Paseo!) but the look is just bad, bad, bad. And in the convertible they seem to have taken whatever nice lines the car had and gotten rid of them. With the top down it’s really really awful looking.

    Not heard the rolling picnic basket term before, I like it!

  4. Your 14 year Daughter comes to you with a hideous hairstyle and says, “Do you like my hair Dad?”. Do you

    A) Tell her the honest, bone crushing truth about the wrath she’s going unleash on western civilization?

    B) Smile and tell her it looks fine or

    C) Tell her what a crappy car the PT Cruiser is

    You did the right thing. By not putting someone elses choice of car down, in such a casual encounter, you took the high road. My hat’s off to you. By the way the correct answer to the situiation above is C… lol

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