MINIs in Alaska

Before I went to Alaska I highly doubted I would see a single MINI, after all there are no dealers in the state and a rugged 4×4 seems like it would be more useful half the time. So it was with some surprise and delight that I saw my first MINI within minutes of getting in the taxi from the airport in Anchorage. Over the trip I saw maybe 5 or 6 MINIs, including one in Juneau which is only accessible by boat or plane, and has maybe only 50 miles of roads – seems an awful shame to have a MINI and not be able to go on any long drives.

2 thoughts on “MINIs in Alaska”

  1. Wow, Alaska. I talked with a fellow up at MITM, his wife wanted, as he put it, “Ona those funny little cars” so he “allowed” her to get one. They live 250 miles for any dealer some place in Kansas, I think. Her MINI hasn’t been trouble free, sad to say, so the dealer has had to trailer her car 3 times in the short few months she has owned it. 500 miles round trip for them to pick up the car. I was a little nervous going through Blythe California with 115ยบ temps and the closest dealer hundreds of mile away. TWSTBTZ did super on this trip even getting 34.1 MPG. Having been there I can’t imagine living in Alaska and owning a MINI. More power to them though.

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