Carrie Turns 16

Went through the 16,000 mile mark on my way to San Diego this morning. Carrie has been trouble-free since the oil change, I have my fingers crossed that will continue until the first inspection. 16,000 miles in 10 months means I’m going to be close to 20,000 for the year – yikes, at that rate there won’t be much left of her by the time the loan ends.

I know you all read MotoringFile so I shan’t repeat the story here but I do like the new MINI credit card, it would be awesome to have a picture of Carrie on my card. But I already have a cool pilot card that gives me rebates on aviation fuel etc and thats a lot more useful to me than money off my “next” MINI. You don’t want too many cards or it hurts your credit rating so I may sadly have to pass.