New Server

Moved the family of blogs to a new webhost last week. At the same time I moved the WordPress install location which I think has probably broken everyone’s RSS bookmarks…. I’m still in the process of testing everything but if you see something wrong let me know.

3 thoughts on “New Server”

  1. From to – why? Because everyone was doing it 🙂

    Actually, I did it for the multi-domain feature; cheaper to host my 4 domains there than in my 4 separate ones elsewhere. I bought the site5 hosting a long time ago but only just got the courage to try moving the domains.

  2. How was moving?

    I sent an email to Site5 and wasn’t happy with their response to my iWeb blog. I sent an inquiry to and they said your fine as long as iWeb is good with unix/linux, I’m pretty sure it is. Has anyone dealt with

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