Made it at Last

Yep, on the way home from San Diego this afternoon, I hit the valley floor and saw the OBC rise to 104 degrees, old-school. Its getting warm, baby! And this at 5.45pm, glad I wasn’t here mid-afternoon.

I filled up with gas when I left work and despite terrible traffic on I-15, SR-52, and I-8 the OBC was indicating 29.7 mpg for a very long time. I’ve not seen that high before in Carrie over any distance. Unfortunately I had to put the a/c on (or die) and by the time I got home it was down to 29.0 but that’s still a record for me over 130 miles of driving. An hour in stop-start traffic, and then another 90 mnutes pretty much at 80.

5 thoughts on “Made it at Last”

  1. I’m glad I don’t live where you are. It’s too hot for me at 20 Celsius which would be 68 on your scale. 🙂

    I guess you get used to the heat though just as were used to cooler temperatures here.

  2. I gotta say I have never got anywhere near that kind of mileage. I get around 24, if the wife is in the car on a trip over 130 miles and she drives allot but generally I get 22. Of course my right foot is probably to blame. Oh yeah I have a ’04 MCS.

    When I drove my daughters car from Boston to LA it got 29-30 but it is a Cooper.

    The above MPG’ are not from the OBC but my calculations as I never find the OBC to be accurate, ever.

    I have put my right foot on a diet of late with gas prices as they are but I have been seeing a slight drop this last week.

    I’ll take the warmer weather any day. I’m sick of this June Gloom we are having here in LA in May. HELP!


  3. The OBC on my ’02 was wildly inaccurate, this one is much better usually only 1-1.5 mpg optimistic. I usually get the calculator out to work out the actual after I fill up.

    Ian, I’ve found that doing 80 consistently gives me better mileage than 70 or 75. My experiment may be flawed but that’s what I’ve observed. Doing 65 on a CA freeway simply isn’t possible if you want to live 🙂

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