No More MPG Tracking

Ever since I got Carrie back in August last year I’ve been dilligently tracking my fuel purchases and consumption on but this weekend I packed it in. Its too depressing to type in that I spent $46 in gas and only got 12 gallons. I did get 25.5 mpg on the last tank and it seems that this is now the norm for my new commute pattern. This morning on the drive to San Diego the OBC is indicating 27.6 which is awesome though the week’s to/from work commute will soon eat at that. Anyway, I am going to keep an eye on my fuel consumption via the OBC but no more record-taking.

6 thoughts on “No More MPG Tracking”

  1. My ’02 OBC was wildly inaccurate but I’ve found the one on my ’05 to be fairly close. I’ve not yet seen it more than 1mpg in error.

  2. Today I managed to get my OBC to read almost 38! That was moving at about 75MPH. Not sure how accurate that was.

    I don’t use that for real MPG either. I actually do the math (34.7 on my last tank).

    I don’t track either. here is why. How depressing.

  3. The higher prices only make me more astute at tracking. Sure, I complain like everyone else, but I also get a kick out of how much it is really hurting people. Sure, last month I spent almost $200 on gas, but my coworker who drives an SUV spent $600! It’s great to know the numbers. 🙂

  4. True, I only have to look around the gas station forecourt to feel a little better. What amazes me is that at the weekend our neighbour comes home with a brand new Humvee – who the f@&#@ buys such a thing with gas prices like they are?

  5. And I’ve been bitching about the $42 it took to fill my tank…we have Mini Coopers! There is something seriously wrong with this picture….garrrrr!!!

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